Activities we recommend in Phnom Penh

Cruises on the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers

with the Butterfly, our beautifully restored traditional rice boat

Sunset Cruise – a romantic aperitif

17:00 – 18:00 $15/pers, incl. welcome drink and one-way tuk-tuk

Explores the Tonle Sap River, at the South of the confluent, passes the Royal Palace, around the Choy Chamvar Peninsula, to the Vietnamese and Cham floating villages, stopping at the Floating Bungalows – a sunset bar on the Mekong, boasting the best sunset view over the city. Sailing back with the evening glittering lights.

Sunrise Cruise – a scenic breakfast

5:30 – 6:30 $18/pers, incl. breakfast & one-way tuk-tuk

While the city is still asleep, the tour takes the exact same itinerary. And as the fishermen begin to setup their nets along the river, the sun slowly comes out, revealing their activities and the city waking-up in the distance.

Silk Island Cruise – a picturesque countryside

08:00 – 12:00 or 12:30 – 16:30 $30/pers, incl. one-way tuk-tuk

This half-day cruise explores the Mekong, going upstream for over an hour. It gives the opportunity to see the activities of the fishermen on the river, the floating villages as well as discovering the typical life on a Mekong banks.

Silk Island is one of the best preserved islands, with orchards, rice fields and pagodas. The villages specialize in silk waving, which makes the visit - conducted with a traditional horse-cart - particularly interesting.

Dinning on the Mekong, at the Floating Bungalows

18:30 – 20:30 $38/pers, incl. cruise & two-way tuk-tuk

The Butterfly boat departs from the port, explores the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers, at the South of the confluent, then passes the Royal Palace, to the Vietnamese floating villages and arrives to the Floating Bungalows - sunset bar. The dinner starts with a drink, while the capital is starting to light up, fishing boats slowly passing by, lapping water, for the most romantic dinner ever.

Please book activities with hotel reception before 2pm the day prior
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Oriental dining at Chinese House

Latino-Asian flavours at Phnom Penh's oldest Chinese house

Mon – Sat avg. $25/pers, incl. 1-way tuk tuk

“Tepui at Chinese House” offers a cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean & South America and cocktail creations with Asian accents.

Gisela Salazar Golding, the Venezuelan head chef, creates dishes inspired by her own origins as well as years of culinary experience in Valencia (Spain), Paris, Shanghai and Phnom Penh.

Contact hotel reception for restaurant and tuk tuk reservations
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Grasshopper Bike Adventures

cycling the Mekong Islands

8:00 – 12:30 $33/pers, incl. drinks, snacks and one way tuk tuk

Escape the tuk tuks, motorbikes and crowded streets and enjoy the unique experience of pedaling through the Mekong Islands laying just north of Phnom Penh.

The easy 25km flat tracks and small roads will bring you through the life on the islands, the Cham communities, orchards, farmlands, rice-fields, with lots of stops for water and snacks…

Please book activities with hotel reception before 2pm the day prior
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Khmer Cooking Class

a fun way to discover Cambodian cuisine

8:45 – 13:00 $15/pers, incl. ingredients

Learn how to prepare traditional and delicious Khmer dishes under the guidance of Heng, a young enthusiastic English-speaking cook-teacher.

She will take you to the market and show you the local vegetables, herbs, spices and other ingredients. She will teach you how to prepare the dishes on your own burner and working area in a cool open-air rooftop kitchen.

Please book activities with hotel reception before 2pm the day prior
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Classical dance/theatre at the national museum

PlaePakaa/Fruitful is a series of 3 rotating shows at the National Museum of Phnom Penh, featuring a widerange of traditional performing arts. With more than Apsara dances, we offer you the chance to discover the diversity of Cambodian culture and traditional arts through original and enjoyable pieces, set in the splendid gardens of the National Museum.

In addition to giving a unique opportunity to experience Cambodian culture and arts, PlaePakaaaimsat is creating regular, well-paid work foremerging arts professionals in the arts sector.

You can visit one of our three shows:

  • children of bassac - classical & folk dance
  • mak therng - yike musical
  • passage of life - theater & music
Please see reception for schedule and price per person
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